Here Are Some Creative Photography Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of


If you are a photographer who is becoming bored and complacent constantly performing the same type of photos, we have some ideas that will boost your creativity and enhance your photographic skills. Try out some of these ideas, you will be glad you did and you will simultaneously acquire some new skills. Here are our creative photography ideas.

 Try Time Lapse Photography

You can set your camera in order to capture some slower motion effects like an opening flower or beautiful sunset. You can work on controlling the exposure in a consistent manner in order to maintain image consistency so that you can do stop motion animation.


 Limited Light Night Time Photography

Everything is perceived differently at night. You can try shooting some scenes in an urban environment with available light to get some very creative images. You can also try shooting some images outdoors using just moonlight or you can try keeping your shutter open for extended exposure images. This is one of the most interesting creative photography ideas for capturing city scenes.

 Photographing Celestial Bodies

If you interface your SLR with a telescope you are prepared to take photographs of planetary bodies. It will require adapters and a way to compensate for the rotation of the earth if you take very long shots. You can begin with the moon and go from there.

 Microphotography

You can create an interface between your SLR and a microscope to photograph microscopic organisms and crystal formations. This opens up an entirely new photographic world for you.


 Macrophotography

You can increase your skills related to close-up photographs and create some very detailed images. You will likely need to get a close-up attachment or macro lens in order to do this.

 Stock Photography

There are many people involved in this market niche, however, it costs very little to enter it. You can specialize in an particular are of interest and get some additional revenue from your images. There are a number of stock photography sites that you can join.

 Special Effect Photography

Perhaps you can make a specialty out of high-speed images of athletic events and create interesting collages. You can enhance your editing skills by placing a person in a wine bottle. This will frequently be an exercise in being artistic and it will enhance your editing, lighting , and composition skills to create artificial realities that appear believable.

 Computer Controlled Photography

Most DSLR cameras will have an interface to a USB port on your computer and they will also come with software so you can control the camera remotely. So, you will have the ability to control your camera via the computer. This will open up a large array of options since you will be able to create computer programs that can adjust your camera’s controls.

These are just several of a very large number of creative photography ideas that are available. The list will be practically endless, if you use your imagination. If you are tired of doing the same type of photography repeatedly, some of our suggestions may appeal to you.